Developer's Corner

by Antonio Bello

Antonio Bello

I am used to define myself as a flexible code artist and polyglot developer.

Flexible because I’m good at working on any type of project, regardless of language, tools, frameworks and technologies. I love challenges and more generally when I am faced with tasks and problems I have no idea on how to solve upfront.

Code Artist because I love writing beautiful code which speaks by itself.

Polyglot Developer because I like learning new languages and doing things in different ways. During my professional experience I’ve worked with over a dozen languages (C/C++, java, Objective C, C#, javascript, python just to name a few).

Antonio Bello

Hire Me!

I am available for short and long term projects.

Recently I’ve been focusing more on:

  • iOS and Objective C
  • Android and Java
  • Meteor and javascript
  • Node.js and javascript

but I have also worked with:

  • Winforms and C#
  • ASP.NET MVC and C#
  • JEE and Java
  • MFC and C++
  • Python

and even more…

If you want to get in touch:

About Me

I started writing code on a Commodore Vic20, in BASIC and 6502 Assembler, about 30 years ago.

Since then I made of self learning the most important skill in what was just a hobby first, and my regular job later.

Writing code became a profession in 1997, when I was hired by Ksolutions (formerly Aleph, and even formerly Alsoft), in the beautiful city of Pisa, to work mostly on mobile services (SMS, WAP), using technologies like FoxPro, C++, MFC, Java, Oracle and more.

In 2003 I left Pisa for Brescia, to start a new adventure at AG Team, which lasted one year only though.

At that point I realized that I wanted to try something different, hence my decision to work on my own, from home, at my pace, and focusing on things I liked more. So I started my career as freelancer. And this is what I’ve been doing since then, even after moving to Poland, not far from its most fascinating city: Krakow.